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Kinetic Typography!

2013-01-21 21:10:29 by InvasiveInsomniac

Check it out, someone made a music video to my song!


2013-01-17 19:20:55 by InvasiveInsomniac


I might have lost my marbles.. but I don't care. Newest and shittest song out yet. FUCKIN' DO IT BRO.

R.I.P Fly <3

2012-07-23 23:17:56 by InvasiveInsomniac

This young man died the other day. He was a talented young rapper, who wanted to achieve a dream of making it in the music industry. I'm sharing around this song to help him get there, even after he's gone. RIP Fly &#9829; re=g-all-u

4000+ Views!

2012-07-19 11:14:52 by InvasiveInsomniac

Very stoked to announce that my latest song has over 4000+ views! Very excited about this, so big ups to everyone who's supported me and shared this around! You guys are legends!

On Tour (W.A.)

2012-05-16 01:51:16 by InvasiveInsomniac

Western Australia is beautiful. Very red, very hot, but beautiful. It's nice views compensate the 9 hour drives for the most part, but other than that it's hard not to doze off on the drives. Currently in Pannawonica, setting up for the show tonight. Hoping to make it killer!

Tour Time Again!

2012-04-10 04:02:15 by InvasiveInsomniac

Off on tour again soon! So many places I'll be heading, including the Powerhouse Theatre! Can't wait for the Europe tour near the end of the year though.

Beast mode, fuckin' activate.

Rehearsals Today

2012-02-05 17:58:53 by InvasiveInsomniac

But I went to bed at 2 o'clock last night, so I'm bloody tired. Rehearsals can wait, I'm gettin' McDonalds.

Next year, watch out for me on Australia's Got Talent! From tours around UK, Netherlands, Australia and Tasmania, to even a possible 6 month tour in America in 2013!

It's scary, but exciting at the same time. I just hope all this doesn't mean too much time away from my gorgeous girlfriend. :)

Make her feel welcome you sadistic motherfuckers!

Scout her art! I'll be releasing some songs soon featuring her in the hook and various other parts. So keep your eyes peeled (like a banana that's about to be eaten) for some new tracks!