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Touring takes a lot out of you.. It's one hell of an experience though. Trying my best not to catch a cold, but it's a bit hard when it gets to 1 degree at night. Tired as hell, and missing my girlfriend like crazy.. Only a few more weeks..

Well, it's day 3 and I'm already over flying. Currently on Flinders Island on the outskirts of Tasmania, and it is FUCKING FREEZING. But, I can't wait for tonight, as it will be the first show of the 'Bang! Crash! Tap!' tour! We also have a workshop at 3:30pm today, so I hope I get to teach some kids the addicting precussion of beatbox.

No reception on this damn island, but we'll be flying off again tomorrow. Launceston, see you tomorrow!

I'm going on tour!

2011-05-18 11:32:07 by InvasiveInsomniac

Going on tour people, in July! I shall be leaving to go around Australia and Tasmania to tour with a world famous pair of tap dancers, a drummer, and featuring the one and only... ME! The professional beatboxer. :D